At the Heart of Nature

Today, when the concept of luxury is redefined as real and delicious food, a holiday experience intertwined with nature and away from waste, Bakucha Vineyard presents all these with a view that blends naturalness, simplicity and elegance, creating a unique space that meets all the criteria of a hotel integrated with nature.


The Bakucha Vineyard Hotel redefines the concept of luxury with natural delicacies, sweeping landscapes, serenity and peace. It creates an authentic environment that blends a unique holiday experience with simplicity and elegance–right in the middle of nature.


The hotel’s design is inspired by an eclectic architectural style featuring local elements and natural materials such as stone and wood. The architectural concept of the tower situated at the centre of the building was inspired by the Cihannuma Pavilion of the ancient Edirne Palace. The tower was built in homage to this unique and ancient structure that is sadly no longer standing, using stones from old quarries from the region of Istranca.


The kitchen of Bakucha follows one principle: “From Farm to Plate”, using seasonal ingredients from the Arcadia vegetable gardens and nearby villages to create unique dishes. The menus are renewed each season. The hotel serves homemade sourdough breads, pastas, pastries, jams, sauces and dressings. The Bakucha kitchen collects and processes special local products, such as summer truffle and porcini mushrooms, storing them to be used all year round. Our aim is to serve
healthier, better quality products and reduce our work’s negative impact on the world. The ancient heritage wheat varieties grown at Arcadia are ground using stone mills and the flour is used in our pastas, pizzas, breads and pastries. Our dynamic menu changes seasonally, and special ingredients can be featured for as brief a time as a week while they are in season, before being replaced by another dish when that in turn comes into season. Of course, the menu incorporates
classic staples as well.


In line with its sustainability principle, Arcadia Vineyard always tries to follow the lead of nature. We are well aware of the fact that we share the natural world with other living creatures. In the morning, our guests wake up to the sound of birdsong, and delight in seasonal endemic flowers that grow along our hiking trails.

Eco-Friendly Pool

The hotel’s swimming pool has an eco-friendly disinfection system using ozone, and produces its own chlorine from salt.

Green Energy

The 500 KWA solar power plant built on site generates twice the total annual energy required for all production and hotel operations.

We have charging stations in the hotel’s parking lot for guests with electric vehicles.

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