Restaurant & Bakucha kitchen

Bakucha’s cuisine can be defined as authentic, refined, seasonal and rich countryside fare, serving
extraordinary dishes highlighting local and seasonal ingredients. Our unique dishes are inspired by
the history of the region and by similar countryside traditions from around the world. All seasonal
products such as fruits, vegetables, fish and mushrooms are served fresh, while food preservation
methods such as drying and canning are used to extend the season.

The Bakucha kitchen leverages its setting in an area known for its extremely rich range of produce. It features a variety of local fruits and vegetables,truffles and porcini mushrooms picked in season, fresh fish from İğneada, as well as other special, high-quality ingredients, such as dairy and meat products from free-range animals that wander and graze on the grounds. Our dynamic menu changes seasonally, and special ingredients can be featured for as brief a time as a week while they are in season, then replaced with another dish when that in turn comes into season. Of course, the menu incorporates a few classics through the season as well.

In addition, special local products such as summer truffles and porcini mushrooms are picked in season, and processed to be used year round. Flours used in our breads, pastas and pastries are made from ancient heirloom wheat varieties cultivated on our land using natural agricultural methods, and ground using stone mills.

The hotel also caters to vegan and vegetarian guests with suitable dishes on its a la carte menu. In addition, if our guests inform the hotel at the time of booking, the special chef’s menu served in the evenings can include options suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those with special dietary
restrictions such as gluten-free options. The Bakucha Kitchen periodically features local and foreign guest chefs who add their unique touch to the local fare.


Arcadia Vineyard embraces the principles of sustainability and ecological accountability. A large portion of the food supply comes from within a 200-km zone around the facility, and we try to limit our operations’ negative impact on the world as much as possible.

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