Welcome to Bakucha!

Bakucha Vineyard Hotel & SPA, located right in the heart of Arcadia Vineyard, opened its doors in
April 2016. Its 26 suites all boast an unobstructed view of the surrounding natural beauty. With its
innovative restaurant and exquisite SPA, Bakucha invites its guests to unwind and spend time in
the healing hands of nature, surrounded by serenity, simplicity and peace, while also enjoying
sophisticated gastronomic experiences prepared using local, seasonal ingredients.

In the Heart of Nature

Bakucha Vineyard Hotel redefines luxury, offering refined pleasures such as delicious and homegrown flavours, as well as a spacious and serene atmosphere. Discover a welcoming
environment that combines a unique holiday experience with simplicity and elegance, right in the heart of nature. Sustainability is a guiding principle embraced by both the Arcadia Vineyard and Bakucha Vineyard Hotel teams; environmental empathy delicately manifests itself in all stages of the process, from its architecture to the restaurant’s kitchen, and from its use of renewable energy
to its approach to recycling.


Main Building
Your room awaits you for a peaceful stay in nature.
Ecological Building​
Our ecological rooms, where we redefined comfort, are waiting for you.

Restaurant and Bakucha Kitchen

The kitchen at Bakucha follows one ‘simple’ principle: “From Farm to Table”. We use seasonal ingredients from the Arcadia vegetable gardens as well as produce grown by women farmers from nearby villages, and from local farmer’s markets. Our young and talented chefs create delectable flavours inspired by both the history of the region and by similar countryside traditions from around the world, all of which feature local and seasonal ingredients. Every evening, the chef creates a new menu of specialties, while the all-day a la carte menu features rich alternatives offering surprising taste experiences. In addition to its dynamic, seasonal menu filled with delicious delicacies, the hotel also serves homemade sourdough breads, pastas, pastries, jams, pickles,
vinegars, smoked meats, roast beef, sauces and dressings. Bakucha’s kitchen caters to all diet choices and features both vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Bakucha invites you to leave behind stressful city life and find tranquillity surrounded by the breathtaking atmosphere of the Arcadia Vineyard. Take it slow, enjoying unique delicacies and long walks, or pamper yourself at the spa with a sauna, massage or special treatment provided by our
highly trained Far Eastern therapists.
The SPA is reserved for guests aged 14 and above.

Events & Experiences

What is your dream event?

Bakucha Vineyard Hotel is the ideal venue for your dream events. We will transform your special occasions, celebrations or private events into unforgettably beautiful memories shared with your loved ones. Please contact us to plan an exceptional event at Bakucha or in the gazebo area of the vineyard.

Business Meetings

Just two hours from Istanbul, Arcadia Vineyard is a serene and inspiring venue for your product launches, company workshops, team building and unique senior management activities. Enhance your corporate retreats or business meetings with gastronomic adventures or tasting workshops.



Arcadia Vineyard was originally designed as a premium winemaker and interdisciplinary
project offering a unique gastronomic tourism and alternative lifestyle experience. It
combines agriculture-based production and gastronomy with tourism, working with a
circular system that incorporates diverse products, all with the aim of achieving
sustainability. Arcadia Vineyard is a true village, featuring farms that welcome guests who
wish to be at one with nature.

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